Donnerstag, 1. September 2011

Sounds from Korea

1st of September and a new Guestmix has landed on the shores of PO.It was made by our new dear Friend Cipa.A fine young Maiden from Mexico,who loves Asian Sounds. She's a Music Traveller that is so kind to invite us onto a journey to Korea.She compiled a delicious musical selection to give us an View on the South Korean Music Scene.From the more Club oriented Sounds of Belle Epoque & Clazziquai Project to classic Pop with Broccoli,you too.These 12 Audio Treat will leave you with appetitte for more.Please show Cipa the Love & Respect she deserves.

1.Aquibird-드디어 너를 벗어나나봐
2.Belle Epoque-Vacation
3.Clazziquai Project-Fill this Night
4.Instant Romantic Floor-Luv Punch(Radio Edit)
5.Linus' Blanket-Show me Love
7.Ukulele Picnic-편지
8.Lucite Tokki-In My Tin Case
9.Broccoli,you too-이웃에 방해가 되지 않는 선에서
11.Yozoh-허니 허니 베이비
12.Hockee-주워가 줄래?



P.S.If YOU like to contribute a Guestmix and support your favourite Artists & Songs, please contact me.We will work something out.


  1. My goodness, these selections! A smashing way to introduce yourself, Cipa :) This mix provided what looks to me to be an excellent Primer in Korean Indies, and is smothered in Cute and Fetching and a third, extra-thick layer of Thoroughly Enjoyable.. Like Percy hinted at in his introduction, there's a nice range of music styles present in what has been placed on it.. they're all in a general kind of Pop area, but you're treated to varying interpretations of how those sounds can be presented. Dancefloor ready, the elegance of string-led orchestrations, absolutely darling ukulele driven sweetness...! And Oldfish, who is almost like a Genre unto himself by just saying his name :D I generally expect lilting melodies with slight electronic flourishes myself~ Love his music, but I'd never heard the song that was picked for this mix before... I imagine it must be from his third album that I've yet to listen to ;_; Now I've been given all the more motivation to want to hear the rest of it, for sure :) And then "Show Me Love"! Quite possibly the most Cute, Fetching, and Thoroughly Enjoyable of all the songs on a mix that is filled to the brim with those very qualities. Loved the bouncy swing it has... Great, great song ♥ ♥ Lucite Tokki was a definite standout too... Bossa-esque and incredibly pleasant :)

    Thank you for putting this mix together and sharing it with all of us, Cipa, and welcome to our happy little network :) May you come back and favor us with additional goodies sometime!
    And many thanks to Percy too for continuing to provide a place where mixes like this can be showcased too ♥

  2. I'm Very Love Your Mix! Please keep going :)

  3. Can you post a new link? The current one is down...

    1. Unfortunately not, this blog is closed but send me a email and we'll see what we can do