Mittwoch, 1. Juni 2011

Jazz-Pop Entrée

1st of June,the officially first Day of Summer.To honor this wonderful Fact adequate our Friend Mike send in another splendid Guestmix.This delightful Blend of mondän City Pop is the perfect starter for a fine Night out.Join in & Step out.Please show Mike the Love & Respect he deserves.

1.Sugar Babe-Show
2.Horiyuki Namba-The City of Silver Gray
3.Miharu Koshi-カルディアの海
4.Fantastic Plastic Machine-Beautiful Days
6.Taeko Tomioka-物語のようにふるさとは遠い
7.Tomita Lab featuring 徏擟扟桼幚-晼
8.Pizzicato Five-九月
9.Uma no Hone-季節の最後に
10.Melting Holidays-Pavement
11.Ryuichi Sakamoto-Hemisphere
12.Takaki Horigome-一度きりの上映



P.S.If YOU like to contribute a Guestmix and support your favourite Artists & Songs, please contact me.We will work something out.


  1. Percy, love the new site banner!

    Thanks again for graciously hosting my mix. Have a great summer.

  2. It's so good to see you back again with a second guestmix, Mike :) And may I say what a clever and well chosen title it is that was given to it... That it is being referred to as an "entree" is entirely fitting, because it is absolutely just like That... your first mix was like the appetizer, allowing everyone to get a taste of some of the areas of music you're interested in/knowledgable about, and this second mix is like a Full Course of similar kinds of music being served... an extension of the appetizer, but even more Filling and Delectable :D Perhaps if you eventually come back to favor us with a third mix, it can be considered the dessert...! Then we'll have a Complete Meal~ ...Of course, there are multiple meanings for the word "entree", but every word to my ears/eyes/mind tends to relate back to food when at all applicable(and even when you wouldn't think the subject at hand could be related back to food... I will try to find a way to relate it back to food anyway~), so that is how I processed the title. It is Food Based. A Completely Satisfying Meal! ...So if you've got to burst my bubble and break the news that you weren't aiming to be food referential, do it gently, please ;_;

    So! Keeping with the food theme~ The ingredients you used this time around.. They were.. ♥ Your selections were Marvelous. Quite a few familiar pieces in unfamiliar surroundings.. Like that Miharu Koshi track! I had to keep double, triple checking to make sure it was _really_ her, because I'd never heard that song before, and to my ears...? She did not sound at all like the Miharu Koshi I'm familiar with. The Hosono Produced TechnoPop Koshi, that's what I know. "Capricious Salad" and such. It's as though she adopted a complete different vocal style for "カルディアの海".. her voice sounds stronger and... not at all like the more airy, lighter Koshi vocal that would soon take its place. Not that I ever discounted Koshi as a vocalist or anything, but I tell you, she's got more range than I previously gave her credit for, for sure. And speaking of vocalists!

    ..And YMO related things. Since I'm told Sakamoto composed the music for this track. "物語のようにふるさとは遠い" was an interesting song vocally too... Like Enka +... oh, I don't even know how to describe the music that went along with the vocals. Borrowing your title then, it's Enka + Jazz-Pop. Strange combination that becomes Highly Addictive the more you listen to it.

    And that Pizzicato Five track... I wasn't able to comment too much previously, when you'd mentioned something about clearly being able to hear YMO's influence in P5's earlier music, because I have this... Thing about not wanting to listen to albums from bands I really like until I'm able to buy them, so I'm still working on my P5 back catalog collection... and so far, I haven't heard too many songs of theirs where I could honestly say "Yes, I hear YMO in that"... maybe "Boy Meets Girl", from "Pizzicato V in Action", because it's got a bit of an ElectronicPop flavor about it.. Anyway, upon hearing "九月", I was like "Aha! So this is what Mike meant!"... oh, but if you didn't... egg on my face then. But that's a side to P5 I haven't heard often enough, now being introduced to it though... did they have entire releases that were mostly centered around that sound? Could you recommend something for me to keep an especially sharp eye out for, perhaps? Please?

  3. Continuing...

    ..I apologize for keeping the majority of my comments specifically centered around complimenting the things that are YMO related, but...! "Hemisphere". Oh, "Hemisphere" ♥ ♥ ♥ The one track I have been listening to the most, and the Biggest Surprise and Best Treat your mix has brought to me this time around... Sadly, I do not listen to Sakamoto's solo works nearly as much as I do Hosono's and Takahashi's(I'm probably, like, the _only_ YMO fan who operates this way, I imagine), mostly because I'm... I'm a With Vocals kind of girl, when it comes to music. And I've long had it worked out in my mind that a lot of Sakamoto's music doesn't feature them, since he's so well known for his soundtracks and such... I am unfairly discounting the man's music, I know. "Hemisphere" makes me want to change my ways though. ..Or at least check out the rest of "Smoochy". I'm gonna! Because that track is... I've got no words for it. Honestly. So nice though. _So nice_.

    So! Thank you very much for sharing another mix, Mike :) It has served as a wonderful companion these last few days I've been listening to it, so... My sincerest compliments to the chef~

  4. @Anne, thanks once again for the comments. I'm grateful that you enjoy it. The Taeko Tomioko track was produced by Ryuichi Sakamoto (as was the album this track is derived from). Guess how I found out about this? They played it on Ki Ki Kirinji, their iradio program, several years back. So I picked up a copy.

    Yes, that is early P5, and yes it was heavily influenced by YMO (as was so much jpop from those days). No surprise there. I'm glad that P5 went on to develop their own psychadelic pop/dance style.

    Hemisphere is perhaps the best track from Sakamoto-san's 'Smoochy' album which was heavily influenced by MPB (Brazilian popular music).

    Perhaps there will be a dessert at some point in the future, but for now please continue to enjoy this one. Thanks again Anne.