Samstag, 18. Juni 2011

The Jazz Fizz Vol.3

Part.3 of The Jazz Fizz.With an expanding Scene,Hip Hop become a huge influence.In the traditon of Spoken Word Artists like the Last Poests or Gil-Scott Heron,Bands like Galliano,Raw Stylus or Urban Species focused on Political/Social Topics in their Lyrics.The Reflection of Urban Life:Unemployment,Rassicim & anonymity of the Big City.Mixed with the yearning for Equality,Freedom & Respect.From the Suburbs of Paris and London to the Hip Joints of Japan,Love,Peace & Understanding were back in Fashion.Spiced up with a generous portion of Groove.Being Political Correct was never so funky and danceable.More in Part.4

1.Galliano-Welcome To The Story
2.B-Bandj-The Habbit
3.Young Disciples-Talkin' What I Feel
4.Men against cool-Pivot Throw
5.Raw Stylus-Pushing Against The Flow
6.Brand New Heavies-Bonafied Funk feat.Ga:ngstar
7.Silent Poets-le possédé feat.Menelik,Jimmy Jay
8.Urban Species-Musikism
9.DJ Krush-Slow Chase
10.Muro From Microphone Pager-真っ黒ニナル迄
11.Jazz Con Bazz-Sometimes Feat.Tha Set Wreka
12.Nobukazu Takemura-Another Root(Menelik's Rap Mix)
13.Mother Earth-Knowledge (Rap)
14.Love T.K.O.-Sista Sunshine

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  1. I do not think I could come up with something favorable to say about this mix that is any better or more succinct than one thing you'd already said right in the introduction... Being Politically Correct was never so funky and danceable~ Exactly right! But I will add that I did very much like the Hip-Hop slant this collection of songs had.. I could hear a bit of a similarity between these artists and ones I've had an established liking for(like TOKYO No.1 SOUL SET, for example), so it was really nice to be introduced to new music that is reminiscent of things I already listen to :) And, much like with the last Jazz Fizz volume, there was one song in particular that I could have listened to exactly fourteen times in a row and thereby have had it become the entirety of a single mix all on its own, and that was the Galliano track, for sure. Absolutely Divine ♥

    Really smooth, really cool compilation altogether, so thank you very much for compiling and sharing :)