Samstag, 11. Juni 2011

Kawaii Vol.3

I was hangin around the Club,when all of a sudden a huge turmoil broke loose.By the frightened Face of the Bartender,i could tell that this could only mean one thing,a bunch of Shibuya-kei Tunes escaped from somewhere,up & ready to turn this Place upside down.Flee or Join in?What shall i say?It became a Night i'll never forget. GROOVY!!!

1.Micro Star-モーターサイクルボーイ
2.Nomoto Karia-kitto ieru
3.Rocketman-Lovely Rocketman
4.Groove Unchant-Sweet Maple feat.U-SUKE OGURA
5.Mihomihomakoto-Rabato de Camel
7.Mansfield-The Sweet Ride Pt.2
8.novaFASE-World Chorus
9.Shiho Fujisawa-My Town feat. Maiko Ueoku
10.Lounge Electron-Re:Space Age
12.Takeshi Nakatsuka-Cherie!
13.Plus-Tech Squeeze Box-Kitchen Shock
14.Qypthone-For Kids

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  1. ..Well, I couldn't help but notice that something else other than Shibuya-kei Tunes seems to have escaped from somewhere as well, but I shan't discuss that in detail...! :D

    But you know, the further we get into this series and glancing back at where we were when it was known as the Shibuya Classic, I've come to love the idea behind these mixes more and more... The interpretation of Movement that you've applied here, where you've set up a Portable Party of sorts, through both the songs you pick and the stories and covers that go along with them... Everywhere these Shibuya-kei Songs Go, Good Times and Upbeat Moods follow~ ..Along with undeniable proof that the Spirit of Shibuya-kei can still be found in music as recent as Last Year, so whenever anyone wants to write off that genre as being a thing of the past, I do believe I am going to have to point them in the direction of any installment of this series to show them how wrong they are :\ It's Alive and Well and still providing the basis for Sensational Percy Mixes, thankyouverymuch. ...Although it would be nice if there were far more releases in that style being produced, but... Even if it does one day dry up completely! We'll always have our memories ♥ And these mixes to serve as a Time Capsule to house them through and revisit them with ♥ ♥

    So thank you very much for compiling and sharing this, Percy ♥ It's always a pleasure to travel alongside wherever this Portable Party is next headed, with the incredibly bold Miss Pravda leading the charge :D