Samstag, 25. Juni 2011

Shibuya Soul 5

Close your Eyes.Use the Back Door from Reality to escape from all the Noise and the hectic pace that surrounds you.Breath in and remember yourself of all the Beauty that is around you.Open your Mind to the everyday wonders of living,breathe out and dive deep into it.Just be!

1.Asako Toki-Smilin'
2.Brenda-Day Dreamin'
3.Takeshi Nakatsuka-The Apple of My Eye
4.Monday Michiru-Rainy Daze feat.B-Bandj
6.Kenichiro Nishihara-Rain Falls ft. Kissey Asplund
7.Paris Match-A Woman Needs Love (Just Like You Do)
8.Arcorhyme-Rough Sketch
10.Clazziquai Project-Tattoo
11.Jafrosax-Swimming In Extacy
12.Kenichiro Nishihara-Life (feat. Kissey Asplund)
13.Original Love-流星都市
14.Love T.K.O.-Eagles Eye



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  1. I tell you, Pachinko Overdrive has become the Place to Go to Beat the Heat these past few weeks, with how Cool the last two mixes you've posted have been :D So Cool, there is no need for air conditioners or portable fans when you're in the company of them~ ..Which isn't to say the songs on them were frigid and unapproachable, of course. I'm using the word "Cool" in the better sense of the word that describes a certain attitude, you know. But that Figurative Coolness has lent itself to becoming Literal Coolness, so you feel both senses of that word while listening to things like a Shibuya Soul mix :D Or I do, anyway~ Think it's very Cool both figuratively and literally. Five volumes in now and, again, never once has the quality wavered, and each volume has been consistently Wonderful and Impeccably Chosen + Arranged... I'm loving those Kenichiro Nishihara tracks in particular this time around... So good ♥ But, yeah, Shibuya Soul mixes are never, ever a disappointment, which is the single best compliment I can give them, truly :) ...Because, you know, I've come to expect a lot from them, given how much I've listened to past volumes. And you always, always deliver exactly what I hope for new volumes to be and then some~

    Thank you so much for compiling and sharing this, Percy ♥ ♥ ♥