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Las Chicas Ye-Yé

Chicks on Beat NO.9.During the last ten years of General Franco's regime, the dictator's grip on Spanish culture and society was loosening quickly. As Spain's population celebrated their new freedoms, and popular culture was given room to grow, young women across the country were casting off their long Spanish names, replacing them with short, catchy new ones, and enthusiastically throwing themselves into the world of song.This new generation of female vocalists enchanted the nation through sound and image. And while absorbing the musical repertoire of their counterparts in Britain, America, and the vast European continent, the ladies of Spain maintained a sound that was inherently Spanish.The famous Spanish singer/movie-star Concha Velasco helped define the "Ye-Yé girl" as a pop-culture icon in her smash hit of 1965, "La Chica Ye-Yé." As the lyrics explain, a Ye-Yé girl has "mucho ritmo" (lots of rhythm) and sings "en inglés, con el pelo alborotado, y las medias de color" (in English, with messed-up hair and colored socks).Despite the numerous influences, the Spanish flavor was clearly audible on the records. The rhythms, the dark tinge of gypsy scales, and a recurring sense of drama and passion represent the telltale ingredients of the Spanish sound.Que se diviertan
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1.Conchita Velasco-ChicaYe-Yé
2.Li Morante con Los Sonor-Esta noche no no no
3.Ivana-Qué bueno, qué bueno
4.Marisol-Amor y juventud
5.Rosalia-Muñeca de cera
6.Ana Belen-Muy cera de ti
7.Blanca Aurora-Tú No Eres Ye-Yé
8.Conchita Velasco-Yo no quiero jugar con el amor
9.Ivana-No volveré a llorar por ti
11.Licia-Cuando digo que te amo
12.Lita Torello-Culpale a la bossa nova

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  1. Extraordinary post. I was just thinking about how the French and Italian assimilated Western influences of the era (who in turn assimilated their European counterparts previous to that) and came up with their own idealistic blend. Yet Spain, though not immune to outside influences, would incorporate other styles primarily as a means of enhancing their own highly developed sound.