Samstag, 7. Mai 2011


Welcome on Board of Flight 003 of Pachinko Air.This is Captain Percy speaking:During the tragic Events of the last Months we weren't able to go to Japan but now that Situation has calmed down,we're heading straight back to Tokyo.Our Destination is Shibuya.For your usual IN-Style Flight delight,we hired a few of Japan's finest Artists.We hope you enjoy traveling with Pachinko Air.Next Stop Narita International.

1.Iwamura Manabu-AMARANTH(Main Title)
2.Fantastic Plastic Machine-Hey Ladies
3.Towa Tei-GBI(Latin Narrow Mix)
4.Elektel-Premium do Brasil
5.Serani Poji-The Body of Earthling (the next stage mix)
6.Itsco feat. alan-Jane Doe
8.Hashi Yukio feat.橋幸夫-koi no Mexican Rock(Readymade Remix)
10.Mieko Hirota-可愛い嘘
11.Cubismo Grafico-Still Punk Steel Pan
12.Halfby-Blue Condition
13.Mansfield-Li ne fant pas vivre seul
14.5th Garden-Flight To Bombay




  1. Oh, Narita, we're back! ただいま。

  2. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ Positively relishable mix.. Love how clearly defined the mood of the intended destination was through the benefit of expertly selecting a handful of songs that are thoroughly in keeping with Classic Shibuya-kei sounds.. It was definitely like being able to perfectly see the location without actually being able to go there~ ..Well, what I imagine Shibuya must have been like/sounded like back in the nineties, anyway. Not so sure about nowadays, but... Listening to this mix was still like traveling with your mind to Shibuya by way of an aural plane ticket :D If I were to have been blindfolded and told to guess where the setting was supposed to be only through hearing the songs you'd picked to represent it, I am completely certain I'd have been able to get the answer correctly straightaway. Outstanding work with compiling this together, then ♥ It is utterly Wonderful ♥ ♥ ♥

    Thank you very much for compiling and sharing! :)


    I kind of went crazy when I heard a small orchestral quote from Lamento no Morro / Nao Posso Esquecer in track 9, Rocketman. I couldn't pinpoint which song it was from at first so I went on a little hunt and managed to find it. And man it's been years since I've listened to it: Nelson Riddle's version of Lamento

    Gotta love good 'ol bossa nova! (and shibuya-kei by extension)

    And thanks again for these wonderful mixes. You've really made my day today. :D

  4. Percy, you have to know what a grand service you put forth. This is how to promote music. If you had a radio station, I'd be tuned in all day.

  5. Is there an Englis translation for this title?


  6. The romanized title is "Rocket Man no inbou".
    Greetz Percy