Samstag, 14. Mai 2011

The Sociables prefer Pop Vol.6

Bienvenido a la parte 6 de la The Sociables.It's been awhile since the last Time.We return right on Time for a hopefully splendid Summer with some sunny Tunes from Spain.Thanks to Labels like Elefant & Siesta,Spain grew from a marginal to a major Player in the field of Pop.Not a big surprise with such groovy Bands like Cooper, TCR & Le Mans.Rita Calypso with her Sixties inspired 5 stars releases,La Casa Azul and their ultra-catchy international jet setting bubblegum flair.Their name is program.The elegant Pop of Les Très Bien Ensemble and Serpentina.These 14 songs shall show the variety of spanish Pop.Next Stop France.

2.La Casa Azul-Siempre Brilla El Sol
3.Niza-Amor Cubico
5.Vacaciones-Poppy Girl
6.Klaus & Kinski-Flash-back al reves
7.Les Très Bien Ensemble-Les Vacances
8.Serpentina-El universo
9.Rita Calypso-Settlement Boy
10.Entre Rios-Lima
11.La Casa Azul-Cerca De Shibuya
12.Le Mans-H.E.L.L.O.
13.Lo-fi-Vacaciones en el mar




  1. Hooray! ♥ ♥ ♥ I'm so happy to be back in the company of the Sociables once more.. not only for its continued work in broadening my Worldview of Pop Music, but also for the fact I tend to intensely crave large amounts of this exact kind of music even more so around this time of year, so I appreciated the double, nay, triple! helping of mixes of this general type within weeks of each other. I've got an insatiable appetite for Pop, absolutely, so I am always going to claim my plate is far too bereft of it no matter how much is initially served and instead want a sky high pile to digest to be temporarily satisfied enough to no longer complain while banging my fork and spoon on the table in protest :D And this mix was definitely satisfying.. it truly did show a great range, and only got better the more I listened to it and kept finding additional things to like about it... For example, like I was saying before, I started out being most drawn to the Klaus & Kinski track, which has this sprightly, almost FolkPop sort of cadence about it, which I tend to find incredibly appealing.. But on my most recent listen, I really, reeeaalllly like that Rita Calypso track... she has such a clear, sweet voice ♥ Extremely enjoyable. This mix absolutely is.

    Thank you so much for compiling and sharing this, Percy ♥ ♥ ♥

  2. So I was looking for one particular obscure artist and I found one of you Sociables comps. One thing leads to another and they are all WONDERFUL! Thank you - this is everything a "music blog" can be at its best!