Samstag, 21. Mai 2011

Pop is Sheriff Vol.2

Take away the Trouble,take away the Pain.We are going to the Sunny Side,no one stays the same.We don't care were we comming from,all we know there'e more.Travel by our own Wheels,Head over Heels.Through all the Bliss & all the Wonder.We will go with the Sun.

1.Akiko-Wake Up Boo!
2.Tip Top Planets-Sunday Everday
3.Penguin Villa-How do I know
4.Kaji Hideki to Riddim Saunter-もう恋しちゃう!
5.Boys & Girls Together-Kids on Jelly
6.The Caraway-Tandem Bicycle
7.Serenaide-The Sweetest
8.Dizzy Joghurt-All the Way
9.Suitcase Rhodes-La Boulangerie
10.Photo Jenny-Watermelon Crush
11.Advantage Lucy-Hello again
12.The Garden-Senses Never Have A Holiday
13.Roly Poly Rag Bear-Yellow Balloon
14.Tensi Love-Morning At Terrace

Deleted due Copyright Complains


1 Kommentar:

  1. More Pop based mixes! It's like a Dream come True ♥ ..I cannot think a single märchen that contains a male equivalent of a Fairy Godmother, but that is seriously just what you are like, Percy. If I haven't told you this very thing before. And even if I have. You truly are, so it bears repeating. A Fairy Godperson, looking out for peoples Music-based Best Interests and Well-Being and waving your magic wand to create these refreshingly crisp Pop based mixes that ensure an entire treasure trove's worth of ear candies for everyone ♥ Which is what we all wish for, I think, whether or not we want to acknowledge as much...! Delivering unto all us poor Cinderellas of the World who want for fancier things a far more dazzling array of music to wrap ourselves in than we're used to, instead of making do with whatever audio wardrobe we had previously before the Picknick Series and now Pop is Sheriff and its compatriots came along :D(um, I've been reading stories about witches who wave their wands to create Magic lately, can you tell?) I know this is something else that I have told you this time and again, but honestly, maybe you don't know what it's like, to sometimes be stuck in a rut and unable to find a single new piece of music that you want to spend time with, so you're stuck with the Same Old, Same Old... But then having those feelings completely evaporate when you remind yourself that there will _for sure_ be something New posted every single weekend(almost always on Saturdays, but sometimes on Sundays, and maybe even on Fridays, all depending on what day the first falls on..!) that you are guaranteed to find something Unfamiliar and Interesting in. Bringing you the Newness that you crave~ Which is just what being a regular here has brought me. New Music Introductions to look forward to every single week :) So it is a good thing you are doing here, and a Wonderful, gracious service you are providing ♥ And you should be reminded of that sometimes. In case you forget, or feel unappreciated. You shouldn't ever though. Not ever :)

    So! Your selections ♥ ♥ ♥ Where I loved "もう恋しちゃう!" so much before, I do ten times as much now, hearing it as part of this compilation(so, yet another example of your incredible ability to draw out the best qualities of specific songs by.. how did you once put it...? giving them something almost equally as brilliant to reflect against, I think~), I am incredibly intrigued by Serenaide so I am definitely going to have to check them out, and oh! That Suitcase Rhodes song ♥ I cannot even... That song is just... really, really good ♥ Sweet. And a little bit dreamy. ..My supply of adjectives are failing me again... Oh! Here's one I don't think I have used before! You know what the entirety of this mix is? It is Zippy :D Yes, Zippy ♥ Which is exactly how music to scooter by in nice weather should be described as~ It fits!

    Yes! In conclusion! Thank you so much for compiling and sharing~