Dienstag, 18. August 2009

********* Sound Repair Shop:The Konishi Remixes

Another Percy's Basmentmade Compilations.This Time the Remix Work of Konishi-san.Besides the usual Suspects Maki Noyima,M-Flo and F.P.M.,this Compilation features Artists as Photographer & Advertising Guru Charles Wilp,Berlin's Bananarama Pop Tarts &
Italien Lounge Heros Montefiori Cocktail.So grap your Dancing Shoes and have a gay 'ol Time.

1.Dimitri from Paris-Sacre Francais(Readymade Charm Fool Mix)
2.Pinker Tones-One of them ( Readymade Jazz Exercise Mix)
3.Konishi Yasuharu-Lupin the 3rd part III (Readymade OH! OH! Mix)
4.Charles Wilp-Bunny (JBL Mix)
5.Maki Noyima-Fiorella with Umbrella(Readymade 524 Mix)
6.Domino'88-GO GO Club (Readymade Super 524 Mix)
7.Pop Tarts-Steffie's Love Song(Readymade Peep Edit)
8.Fantastic Plastic Machine-I love FPM (JBL MIx)
9.Jackson 5-I want you back(Readymade 524 Mix)
10.Max Meier Maletz-Swinging Nordwest(Readymade Shoe repair Mix)
11.Supremes-You can't hurry love(Readymade Re-Edit)
12.Montefiori Cocktail-La Segrtaria (Readymade 524 Mix)
13.M-FLO-One Sugar Dream(Readymade Potpourri of Beats Mix)
14.Telex-Twist a Saint Tropez(Konishi Yasuharu Mix)

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  1. Your blog is absolutely amazing!!! Love your great selection of playlist!

  2. Super Blog. I grew up in Jpan, and this makes me homesick!