Sonntag, 23. August 2009

I need you

I still have few Goodies in Bag.But you People don't Comment,so i don't know if there is any need for that.Is There?There are a few releases by P.5 that i miss.If any of you can help me to fill the Gapes feel free.Heres my miss List:
Pizzicato Free Soul 2001,Expo 2001,I Love you Pizzicato Five,A Perfect World EP,Voyage á Tokyo EP,Darlin' of Discothèque EP,A Message Song EP,A Quiet Couple,A Television's Workshop E.P..Please help me!Any Whishes or Requests for other Discographys,Posts etc.
drop me a Line.A tanks won't hurt either.Greetz Percy


  1. Much love to your blog and links to the files you've been posting! I was one of the original Babymeat users from years ago, and have seen that sort of flourish and then disappear... At any rate, it's great to have a place to look for these rare gems, and way to go posting all of the Pizzicato Five albums! I have at least one copy of all of the major releases, but I haven't ever ripped all of them, so this is a wonderful service!

    Thanks again, and keep up the great work!



  2. A Message Song E.P.:

    A Perfect World:

    A Television's Workshop E.P.:

    Voyage á Tokyo:

    I'm sorry I couldn't be more helpful than this, but I'll keep a look out for the rest of what you're missing.. or hopefully someone else can help out with the other ones!

  3. Thanks Anne
    This more than i hoped.I think i start falling in Love.If there is Wish for a Post,let me know.
    Thanks a lot .Percy

  4. Hi all,

    Percy, I have P5's "I love you", "We love you" and "Expo 2001" on CD among others which I think you have already...
    Some of the files you offer are gone or are set to "private", any chance to get them?