Sonntag, 16. August 2009

Cubismo Grafico (2)

The new Millenium sees musical change.As Gakuji Matsuda composes the highly aclaimed Soundtrack for the Movie "Waterboys".Cubismo Grafico splits itself.One Part is still
the solo Project but in a more electronic way.The Other is Cubismo Grafico Five.A Group planned for Live Performances.The next release "Block Vocoder Diagram" shows the change with less samples,yet more playful sophisticated.Like Towa Tei,or Cornelius, Matsuda developes a new hybrid houselike Clubsound.2007 "Nuit" is the last release for
Cubismo Grafico so far.Matsuda's latest Project besides CB 5 is Frontier Backyard.Don't know much about them.Do You? Let me Know.I Miss Cubismo Grafico.

Block Vocoder Diagram(2003)

Foga (2004)

Nuit (2007)

P.S. I'm still lookind for "Mini" "Carribbean Ensemble" "Buonissimo Remixes" .Can you help? Please !!

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  1. non se ti servonon ancora
    but per mini (
    per caribbean ensemble
    per buonissimo remixes