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Pizzicato Five (2)

A New Beginning(1990-1994)
In early 1990 Takao Tajima leaves the Band,to focus on his own Group "Original Love".He is replaced later this Year by Maki Noyima.She becomes the new Voice & Face of P5.With a new Label Nippon Columbia/ Triad,they beginn to recreate their Style.Under the Influence of the new Sampling Technique,Konishi change the Music from Lounge to more danceable eclectic Clubpop.1991 sees a big Campain called 5x5 with 5 Releases in 5 Month Time.Starting with the TV Soundtrack "Hi Guys!Let me teach you",3 E.P.'s and the Album "This Year's Girl.Followed by a Live Tour.With Songs for TV Series and Commercials,2 Records"Sweet Pzzicato Five" & Bossa Nova 2001" more Singels,E.P.'s,a Video Collection in the next Year,P5 find themselfes on the Peek of their Sucess in Japan.In the end of 1994 P5 start to Conquer the Rest of the World.END of Part2

Hi Guys!Let me teach you(1991)

London-Paris-Tokyo e.p.(1991)

This Year's Model e.p.(1991)

This Year's Girl(1991)

Sweet Pizzicato Five (1992)

Instant Replay(Live Album)(1993)

Bossa Nova 2001(1993)

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