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Pizzicato Five (4)

Darlin' Of Discotheque(1997-2001)
In 1997 P.5 change their Record Label again.Konishi-san becomes the Creative Mastermind behind the Colombia Records,Sublabel Readymade.Readymade Records & Escalator are the new Matchmakers of the ever increasing Shibuya-kei Scene."Happy End of the World" is their first Album for the Label.The usual Remix Album"Happy End for You"follows.After another best of Album,"The International Playboy & Playgirl Record" was releasd in '98.
1999 sees a series of E.P.s that later become "Pizzicato Five TM" also known as "The Fifth Released From Matador".Opening a Store,publishing a Magazine and varity of other Products Pizzicato Five make even Andy Warhol blush.Maki goes Solo with her 2nd LP "Miss Maki Noyima sings".Producing,Remixing & DJing Takes it's Time.After nearly a Year Off,Pizzicato Five return with their Sgt.Pepper(Konishi's own Words)."Çà et là du Japon" is the first Album with forgein Artists as Arling & Cameron,B.Burgulat and the Sparks.Shortly after the release P.5 anounce their split.Konishi said that he sees nothing more to achive with the Band.After a Farewell Tour with lots of old Members & Friends,a few more Best of and Compilations,Tokyo's Coolest Combo was no more.The END?
Thank to Kenchi's J-Box and all the other Sites which help me get this Bio together.

Happy End of the World(1997)

Happy End for you(1997)

The International Playboy & Playgirl Record(1998)

Nonstop To Tokyo E.p.(1999)

The Fifth Released From Matador(2000)

Çà et là du Japon(2001)


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