Samstag, 8. Dezember 2012

The Jazz Fizz Vol.8

The 8th and final Installment of The Jazz Fizz Series.For the completion of our little journey through the World of Classic Acid Jazz,we once more picked a Selection of Artists from around the Globe.Latineers from Japan,Italy,Germany,France and the UK gather to celebrate this Happening,Suave Style.I hope you enjoyed this Excursion throughout a Genre that has been overlooked and marginalized.Influences of Acid Jazz can be still found in Genres like TripHop,Lounge,Big Beat,Shibuya-kei,Brazilectro,House and of course in almost every Mix of this Blog.If you have Suggestions or Recommandation for new Series or Genres that should be featured than just drop me a Line.

1.Snowboy and the Latin Section-Nothing like this
2.Pizzicato Five-World Standard
3.Rad-Veinte Y Dos
4.Jazz Brothers-Beatitude
5.Urban Species-The Consequence
6.Original Love-Wall Flowers
7.Bossa Nostra-The Crickets Sing for Anamaria
8.Bahia Sunsets-Carnival of Colors
9.Isabelle Antena-Le Syndrome de Peter Pan
10.Pizzicato Five-Mambo Schoolyard
11.Mick Talbot & Steve White-Black Diamond Pearls
13.竹村延和-For Tomorrow (Childlike Mix)
14.Swing Out Sister-o Pesadelo dos Autorès

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  1. Aw :( Well, this may be the last installment of this series, but I think it can be said it had a great, richly communicated, educational run in its eight installments... I've said time and again that it's left me with a better understanding of a genre I probably wouldn't have been able to identify very well before, and now I'm thinking I possibly could, if pressed with examples...! And it definitely left me with a handful of artists to become more curious about and wanting to look in to, so... That's the most you can ask for, I suppose? A receptive audience :) And I'm sure you've had that, and we all appreciate the spotlight these mixes gave to Acid Jazz. A terrific mix to end things on this was... Had a bit of that Dorky Thrill of recognition since the first song you chose also appeared on the first volume of The Soul Fizz...! By a different artist, though, and with vocals. Still, I recognized it! ...And I wasn't imagining a recognition, right...? Aren't they the same song...? One being slightly more sped up and Latin-ified than the other, sure, but still...! And I liked your double dose of Pizzicato Five, and your Original Love selection, and that wonderful remix of "For Tomorrow", which I know I have heard before somewhere, but... Again, it's one of those songs that sound Totally New, hearing them in a different surrounding like this. It's really striking :) And this whole mix was a nice bit of Easy Listening... Not the bad, bland sort, of course! Just the easily digestible, extra-fine, switching your mind off for awhile and getting carried away with Music sort. Thank you very much for compiling, sharing, and educating, Percy :) ...I may have to start brainstorming other series' or genres for you to tackle...! :D ...But then I think "Oh, I've asked for too much as it is!", so I probably won't be the one to. But I sincerely hope _someone_ does. ...Hint hint, nudge nudge. ..Of course, I'm operating under the impression that anyone other than you even reads these comments... XDD