Sonntag, 30. Dezember 2012

Starlight Casino VII

2012 is almost history and in good old fashion, PO. invites you to while away the last Night of the Year at the Starlight Casino.As usual,we offer exqusite Grooves,elegant Melodies mixed up with the most uplifting Voices.Please enjoy youself,grab a Drink,indulge the Fireworks and celebrate the Night like the Stars we are.Thanks to all Friends and Supporters of this Blog,see you all in 2013.

1.Jazztronik-The Seventh Sense
2.Round Table feat.Nino-Dancin' All Night
3.Shiho Fujisawa-Happy Hour feat. hiro:n
4.Soul Source Production-Feels Like Home
5.Jazzida Grande-On Fire feat.Mika Arisaka
6.Monday Michiru-You are the Universe
7.Studio Apartment-Isn't she lovely feat.Kenny Bobien
8.Coldfeet-I Don't Like Dancing (More Dancing Mix)
9.Fantastic Plastic Machine-Petitions
10.Cro-Magnon-Survivor feat.Mika Arisaka
11.Kentaro Takizawa-I Live feat. Stephanie Cooke
12.DJ Kawasaki-It’s Your World feat.Jennifer Wallace
13.Makai-Move Your Feelings Ver 2.0 feat.Samanthe Nelson
14.Jafrosax-Just In Time

Deleted due Copyright Complains



  1. Oh well, Mediafire's done it again:
    Permission denied. "It's Your World feat. Jennifer Wallace" by DJ KAWASAKI can be downloaded from one of these fine retailers.
    And a link to Amazon...

    Anyway... Thank you for continuously posting all this fine music :-)

  2. Fyi, same permission denied message from the USA. Let me also add thanks to all compilers for the excellent music. These comps are not only invaluable music discovery wise but are quite enjoyable regardless.