Samstag, 15. Dezember 2012

Destination:Tokyo 6

Welcome on Board of Flight 011 of Pachinko Air.Since last Year's X-mas escape was such a Success,we decided to take it as the start for a New Tradition.Take a Flight to getaway from all the anoying  and stressful burdens that mean Christmas.Wonder through the glittering Streets of Tokyo and forget about Home.As the Antidode to all these "Silent Night" Muzak,we selected some A Class Nu Jazz Tunes as your Company. Thanks for choosing Pachinko Air.

1.Karen Aoki-Butterfly feat. Flat Three
2.Sleep Walker-Wind feat. Yukimi Nagano
3.Indigo Jam Unit-Sunset
4.Akkiko-Skindo Le-Le
5.Hajime Yoshizawa-Snake Dance
6.Jazztronik-Rising in My Heart (New Ver.)
7.Kei Kobayashi-Nica's Dream (Routine Jazz Afro Cuban Mix)
8.Yasuko Agawa-New York Afternoon (Quasimode Remix)
9.Takeshi Nakatsuka-Love is...
10.Fanny Fink-Sweet
11.Amore Hirosuke & Love Machine-Love Bossa Style
12.Gira Mundo feat Rika Yamada-Dom Major
13.Himiko Kikuchi-What`s Baby Singin`
14.Arco-Iris-Sol De Primavera




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