Samstag, 1. Dezember 2012

Kawaii International Vol.4

After their Houdini-like Grand Escape,the Brigade Mondaine celebrated a triumphal return with brick heavy Beats and fuzzy Guitars that drove the Crowd insane.A Wall of Sound that lifted you up,tossed you around and tilt your Mind.Sucked into an irresitable Vortex of Groove & Joy,i danced until my Feet gave in.Oh,what a lovely Night,i can't wait until the Boys return.

1.Corduroy-Play Loud
2.Ursula 1000-Stinger
3.Bengi Jumping-Charme & Shake
4.Bentley Rhythm Ace-Return of the Hardcore Jumble...
5.Arling & Cameron-B.B.Electro
6.OV 7-Shabadabada [Doing Time Remix]
7.Electrocugat-Atarashii Kuchibeni
8.Kulturni Program-Mr. Boggie
9.Robert Passera-Gringo on the Rocks
10.The Bongolian-Feel it
11.Stereo de Luxe-Sexuality In The Eighties
12.Mexican Institute of Sound-La La La
13.Zerosospiro-C'è un tic
14.Torpedo Boyz-The next Station is Shibuya

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