Dienstag, 1. Mai 2012

AKSB Dance Music- Seiyu Side

April showers bring May flowers.Our dear Friend Kaku tied a whole Bouquet of fresh colourful Tunes that welcome a hopefully wonderful Spring.This is the first of two Parts that take a look at the Dancefloor Sides of AKSB.The Mixes are split into a SEIYU(the japanese Term for Voice Actors) and a Anison(Anime & Game Song Singer)Side.These 16 heavily discotized Songs should be a splendid escort for a warm & sunny Day in the City.Please show Kaku the Love & Respect that his Work deserves with your Comments. 

1.Fumiko Orikasa-Hii Fuu Mii
2.Mai Nakahara & Junko Minagawa-Travel in Mind
3.Saeko Chiba-HATSUKOI
4.Saki Fujita-Nemu Nemu Documentary (Nemui no ni Get Up & Dance! Mix)
5.Sekirei-Dear Sweet Heart
6.Aoi Yuuki. Rie Kugimiya. Minako Kotobuki-Koi ni Sesse Tooryanse
7.Kana Asumi-Dream goes on
8.Printemps-Sweet & Sweet Holiday
9.Sayaka Aoki-Shhh! Secret Mind
10.Yukari Tamura,Mamiko Noto,Rie Kugimiya-Shining☆Star
11.Yuko Goto-keepon! keepon!
12.Yui Makino-Yacchaouyo
13.Ryoko Shintani & Yukari Tamura-Omajinai PitaPita
14.Haruka Tomatsu & Rika Morinaga -Iyatan - Lovetan
15.Mikako Takahashi-Fancy cat's eye




  1. Thank you so much for compiling and sharing this mix, Kaku! As soon as I heard what sort of music your next guest mixes were going to concern, I was so excited and expected an awful lot of good things from them, because I really like the sort of music you were setting out to cover... The Dance/Soul sort(all your mixes have now covered my favorite kinds of music, actually, since I love both Guitar Pop and Dance Music tremendously~)... And because I enjoy listening to your mixes in general, I knew it was going to be great for that reason too :) And this first volume was! You included at least one Dan Miyakawa composition on it, right? "Travel in Mind"? His sound is almost always unmistakable to me, so I thought I heard his familiar string arrangements immediately when that song came up, but... I could be mistaken! I really like that song though, regardless. "Travel in Mind". It was definitely my favorite, but I also liked the songs by Printemps, Sayaka Aoki and Haruka Tomatsu & Rika Morinaga a lot too :)

    I'm really looking forward to the Anison side of this mix series too, of course, and to hear you possibly being able to tell us more about some of the producers who may have had a hand in composing the songs for this mix :)

    Also! I wanted to tell you that I listened to Kana Hanazawa's "Hoshizora Destination" single, and Ayana Taketatsu's "Sinfonia! Sinfonia!!!" too! Both were great, but Kana Hanazawa's is the one I've more been listening to, of course, because I'm still incredibly fond of her voice... All three songs from that single are so cute too ♥ I think I like them all equally for that reason :D And am, again, so appreciative of the introduction to her music, so Thanks Again :)

  2. Anne,It is a correct answer.
    "Travel in mind" was arrangement of Dan Miyakawa:)
    I seemed to have you like other songs of this compilation, and I am glad.
    Thank you very much.
    It is the information of the composer of these "anison", but there are many songs which the composer whom I do not know well made.
    Then I write credit.(I omit the information of Lyrics)
    When I distribute it and do not write it, as for it, one is in charge of composition and arrangement.

    "sweet&sweet holiday" and "Shining ☆ Star" - Akihiko Yamaguchi
    Dear sweet heart - Satoru Kousaki
    Yacchaouyo - DANCE☆MAN
    Iyatan - Lovetan - Composition: Kohei Wada Arrangement: Takahiro Anda
    Fancy cat's eye - Composition: Shigenobu Ohkawa Arrangement: Naoki Ohtsubo
    HATSUKOI - Composition: Toru Horasawa Arrangement:Naoki Ohtsubo
    Hii Fuu Mii - Tsuyoshi Watanabe
    Koi ni Sesse Tooryanse - Composition:Koushiro Fukumoto & Hiroshi Mukai Arrangement:Satoru Takada
    Dream Goes On - seikou nagaoka
    Shhh! Secret Mind - Composition:Tomokazu Tashiro Arrangement:Akio Kondo
    Keepon! Keepon! - Tetsuro Sugiura
    Omajinai PitaPita - Kousuke Kanai
    Nemu Nemu Documentary (Nemui no ni Get Up & Dance! Mix)- Arrangement:DANCE☆MAN
    Travel In Mind - Composition:Katsutoshi Kitagawa Arrangement:Dan Miyakawa

    Please look forward to next "ANISON SINGER SIDE"!

    In the single of Kana Hanazawa and Ayana Taketatsu, all songs were the best for me.
    PV is very cute, too., please watch both songs.

    "Hoshizora Destination"

    Sinfonia! Sinfonia!!! (Short ver.)

    The strings arrangement of "Hoshizora Destination" is Dan Miyakawa, too.

    In fact, a Kana-chan's voice entered this mixes. Did you notice?
    SEKIREI is a unit of four voice actors, but Kana-chan participates there.

    By the way, Saki Fujita is an original voice of HATSUNEMIKU.

  3. Wow, the credits for every single song this time! Thank you so much for taking the time to provide them! I recognize... practically none of the names XD But, they're ones to keep in mind, anyhow, particularly when it comes to the compositions and/or arrangements I especially liked, so it's good information to have on hand :)

    And no, I completely missed Hanazawa's voice as part of SEKIREI! It seems as though I am definitely a novice in that area, and I'm a tad ashamed to admit that my ear wasn't good enough to notice...! But that's neat! As was the information that Saki Fujita was the original voice of Miku Hatsune! Hm! That's something I never would have known otherwise, I bet, despite being something of a vocaloid fan...! ..Well, I mostly listen to Miku Hatsune when she's covering Yellow Magic Orchestra and New Wave music, and I can't wait to hear her cover classic 90s Shibuya-kei too, but...

    Thank you again for all the information and links you've provided, Kaku! That's another reason I look forward to your guestmixes... Because I tend to learn so much new information from them when they're posted, and when you comment to tell us more about your picks :)