Samstag, 19. Mai 2012

Kawaii Vol.7

I was on my way Home when i suddenly catch strange familiar scraps of Music.The Notes turned into Colours,it felt like a turn of Synesthesia.I had to find the Origin of this Phenomenon.The closer i got to the source the more intense it became.When i arrived at it's Spring,i discovered that my old Shibuya-kei Friends were the cause of this Happening.Boy,what a Groovy Night that became.

1.Les 5-4-3-2-1-Thème de 'La Ronde'
2.Pizzicato Five-A New Song
4.Nomoto Karia-Chocola ni Muchuu
5.Mansfield-Shuffle Bang Bang
7.Tokyo Panorama Mambo Boys-Tomando Cafe
8.Shigeo Naka-L'amour Est Bleu
9.Cubismo Grafico-Area Code 706
10.Seksu Roba-Intersexual Overdrive
11.Sonicberry Favour-Sweet Switch
12.Havanna Exotica-Surfin' on M.O.O.G.
14.T.V. Jesus-1983

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  1. Ah, another stroll through the land of Shibuya-kei both Classic and Current, where blends of the Comfortingly Familiar and the Exciting, Enticing Unknown come together to form an utterly satisfying mix of energetic, kaleidoscopic songs ♥ Loving that this installment gave me good reason to listen closely to Havana Exotica and immediately check out "Hello!! Martian!!" afterwards(which the rest of was not nearly as good as "Surfin' on M.O.O.G." is, but that isn't your fault! for picking what is probably the best Havana Exotica song representative! and I've only listened to the album once, so maybe it will grow on me...!), and to remember that Puffy are totally capable of making ultra-cute music... I haven't listened to them in an awful long time, but I'm not ashamed to admit that I was caught up in the Puffy Amiyumi Craze of '04, so I owned and enjoyed albums of theirs... That kind of died out though, and I hadn't listened to them in years and years, before this mix came along... But "V.A.C.A.T.I.O.N.". Is so sweet and charming ♥ And I hear those girls are working with Takkyu Ishino at the moment, so maybe I really should be listening to them again! That collaboration, and their inclusion on this mix, is the Puffy Musical equivalent of the Planets aligning and determining that something specific should happen. Or something. Yeah~ And I love... that the excellent alternate version of "A New Song" was given such a great showcase! And to hear Seksu Roba songs that I had not heard before!(their titles frighten me a little, but the music itself is good, and that's the important thing, I suppose) And how nicely you fit the Tokyo Panorama Mambo Boys in! And to jam to "1983" as part of a PO mix! So many things I love ♥ ...But having the phrase "Finders keepers, losers weepers" stuck in my head off and on? Notsomuch :\ ..But that's an issue I'd more have to take up with Gakuji Matsuda, of course...

    Anyhow! Thank you very much for compiling and sharing this, Percy! A week without a PO mix and then for you to come back with a Kawaii made each listen to it all the more cherished, for sure :)