Samstag, 5. Mai 2012

Shibuya Soul 9

The heartbeat of a busy Day drums,the noisy traffic like blood rushes through the veins of the City.Spring Rain creates a random Ballet of Umbrellas.Soon the Streets will clear and the Day will come to an end.A freshley showered Cityscape welcomes the Night People for another Dance.

1.Bird-DA DA DA DA
2.Shuya Okino & Domu-Beautiful Sadness
3.Paris Match-Call my Name
4.Crazy Ken Band-Loco Loco Sunset Cruise
5.Monday Michiru-Ooh La La La
6.45 aka Swing-O-Lucky Day
8.Naoki Kenji-Tonight with Asheni
9.Jazztronik-I like it
10.Kenichiro Nishihara-Slip Away (Album Mix)
11.Coco d'Or-Don't Know Why
12.Sugar Plant-A Rain Desecration
13.Asako Toki-September
14.Ann Sally-'Cause we've been together



1 Kommentar:

  1. Exceptionally lovely ♥ These mixes really are like a soothing balm to be applied as a bit of relief from the harsh effects from overexposure to Everyday Living... A much needed respite into relaxation :) And it continues to be a testament to your Unparalleled Selection Abilities that we're one away from Double Digit volumes and throughout this series' entire lifespan, there's never a track I skip, never a time I say "Oh, this song doesn't fit at all!".. That can be said for all your mixes, of course, and I have! Talked about the Flawless Execution. But when we get into higher numbers like volumes 8 and 9, and to think there are fourteen songs on each and a bunch of different artists represented in those fourteen songs and many different mixes!(..even though, this mix did see a repeat song...! but don't worry, you're forgiven XD goodness knows the songs you pick are good enough to put on repeat, whether it's me directly putting them on or hearing them as part of two different mixes, so...) It's intensely admirable. The clarity of vision and execution :) So, this time! I very much liked this latest Shuya Okino representative, and Crazy Ken Band + 45 are always delightful too ♥ I was a bit surprised to see Sugar Plant turn up, but, again, they fit in perfectly...! And I've heard Satokolab twice before, but only when they've guested on FreeTempo and Sound Around albums, so it was nice to hear a solo track from them, which was particularly good as well...! Another artist to either look more into myself, or enjoy again if they pop up on another mix of yours :)

    So, as ever! Thank you very much for compiling and sharing this, Percy :) Relaxation Breaks are especially appreciated, with the way things have been lately, so...! Each morning I've spent with this mix, which has been, like, five in a row so far! Has been absolutely blissful ♥