Samstag, 21. April 2012

Pop is Sheriff Vol.7

Spring has returned at last.We overhault and fueled our little Red Scooter and now we're ready for new Adventures.The World awaites us to discover,enjoy & embrace all the Bliss she has prepaired for us.Sound the Winds and flash the Chimes,the Sheriff is back in Town.

1.Roboshop Mania-Smile & Shine
2.Hideki Kaji-Lollipop Candy
3.Trans Alphabet-We Can Fly Together
5.Instant Cytron-(Make Me Your) Special Girlfriend
6.Outerhope-Anna Gabrielle
7.Cinnamon Toast Crunch-Slightly Funny
8.Broccoli,You too- 속좁은 여학생
10.The Marshmallow Kisses-CIAO!Baby
11.Spring Boutique-So twee
12.Dream Carousel-No Matter What
13.Salad-Hare No Basu Tei
14.Haydon-Good Friends

Deleted due Copyright Complains



  1. ♥ ♥ ♥ I've been so happy to have our reliable source for some of the very Best Guitar Pop around back again, this past week that I've been listening to its return practically every single day... It's been providing my Symbolic entry in to Spring via Music, being all breaths of fresh air and gentle breezes and sunshine ♥ Even when the weather outside hasn't been reflecting that, exactly! Like I was discussing before :D But, who needs Actual Nice Weather when you have a whole collection of it in song form ♥ A hour's worth of Perfectly Clear Spring/Summer, whatever time of year it is or however uncooperative the weather is being :) That's what you get whenever you listen to a Pop is Sheriff volume ♥ That feeling/season was communicated particularly well through your selection of Outerhope, La-Ong-Fong and Salad, which were my favorites out of the songs that were New to me :) This whole mix was exceptionally wonderful though, really ♥ Thank you so much for compiling and sharing it, Percy! Already, I'm looking forward to the next armful of months that will bring additional volumes of Spring-y/Summery Sheriff Selected Splendidness along with them ♥

  2. great to see some of my fave bands from the phils. in this compilation! love this blog as always