Samstag, 14. April 2012

The Temporary Club 001

Today sees the Launch of a new Series that goes by the Name of The Temporary Club. This new Line of Mixes will focus on Soul Music in all it's Facets.Music that stands in the Tradition of Motown,Stax,Atlantic,Decca,etc..This Series is only made for one Purpose:To make you Dance,Dance,Dance.Mighty Hornes,hard hitting Drums and funky Organs combined with the most soulful Voices around.The Styles range from Retro Soul & 60's Beat to Funk and a little Ska.Every 5th Part will be a Classic Soul Mix.We hope that you will join the United Colors of Soul because they're here to stay.

1.SOIL&"PIMP"SESSIONS-Movin' feat. Maia Hirasawa
2.Andy Lewis- Are You Trying To Be Lonely? feat.Paul Weller
3.Frank Popp Ensemble- This World Is Not Made For Me
4.Laura Vane & The Vipertones.Did it anyways
5.Ben from Corduroy- Got to get you into my life
6. The Bamboos-Now That you Are Mine feat. Kylie Auldist
7. Shawn Lee-Soul in the Hole
8. Al Supersonic & The Teenagers-Only one Life
9.Nicole Willis & The Soul Investigators-If this ain't Love
10.Nicola Conte-Love & Revolution
11. Quincy Jones-It's My Party feat. Amy Winehouse
12. Alice Russel-Two Steps
13.Al Supersonic & The Teenagers-It must be Love
14.The Sweet Vandals-Till i found you




  1. GREAT!!!
    Though anything was good, I liked Al Supersonic & The Teenagers in particular.

  2. Congratulations on establishing another new Series :) I counted, and I think this may be your twenty third...? "Think" because I didn't count the Expo '70 First Anniversary Mixes, because that was a one-off kind of thing... But then, maybe I should have, because there were six of them and everything...?(seven, if you want to count the fact that Les Yper Sound was a double mix) I didn't count them though, but I _did_ count Astro Sounds, which I know is more Wishful Thinking/Nudging than anything :D So _around_ twenty three, is what I should more say. Which is an astounding amount. Your mixcount has moved past those difficult teenage years and is now secure in Young Adulthood :) Like, maybe it's even graduated from college and is responsibly looking for steady employment, so its prospects are looking incredibly good and the Future is Bright. Anyway, anyway, you've definitely planted some strong roots with this first mix, so I'm absolutely looking forward to hearing how they're tended and blossom out over the course of what I already know is a very ambitious Series :) Again, you're off to a fine start, and I've never encountered a Series that didn't get better and better the more volumes of it you posted, so...! I just know this one will also follow in that fine PO tradition ♥ You'll have an entire Soul Music Garden in no time, I'm sure~

    Additionally, it's great to see comments before mine...! So I'll similarly weigh in and say that the cover of "Got to get you into my life" was my favorite, most repeated song from this mix ♥ It has such a great flavor ♥ And charmingly accented vocalist ♥

    Thank you very much for compiling and sharing this, Percy :) Keep up the good work!