Samstag, 7. April 2012

KABOOM!:The Plus-Tech Squeeze Box Remixes

Issue.21 of Percy's Basementmade Remix Series.Plus-Tech Squeeze Box are a Studio Laboratory manned by the musical Duo Hayashibe Tomonori(keys, programming, etc.) and Wakiya Takeshi(guitar, bass, etc.),who first teamed up in 1997. They create a mixture of Pop,Lounge,Hip-hop,Bigbeat,Electro and Jazz in odd combinations that usually flies by at high speeds.After releasing their first Album in 2000,the Band fastly became Representatives for the emerging Picopop or Neo-Shibuya kei Scene. Their debut Album Fakevox was a quite Hit in Europe and Songs were used in Comercials for Coca Cola & Powerade.In Japan Plus-Tech Squeeze Box Skills & Styles were very demanded by fellow Picopop Artists such as Petset,Sonic Coaster Pop & Strawberry Machine to remix their Songs.In 2004 they released their second Album Cartoom! which was even more succesful.Their Track "Jellyfish Song By The Jellyfish Band" became part of the Spongebob Squarepants Soundtrack.For unknown reason Plus-Tech Squeeze Box disappered from Scene but their Songs appeared in Video Games such as Pop'n Music and Dance Dance Revolution Universe.In 2010 Hayashibe Tomonori, together with Maeda Ryōma released an Album under the Name Tropico Q.

1.Valvola & Dj Spectra-Spray Plastic Muzik(Plus-Tech Squezze Box Mix)
2.Capsule-キャンディーキューティー (no----Nashville mix)
3. ハヤシベトモノリ-わーずわーずの魔法(easter egg mix)
4.Since-Step In Paris (the Duke is jesting! Mix)
5. Optiganally Yours-Mr. Wilson (Plus-Tech Squeeze Box Mix)
6. Sonic Coaster Pop-SOCOPOGOGO (go go EGG Mix)
7. Petset-Friday Ferris Wheel (Plus-Tech Squeeze Box REMIX)
8. Oh No Ono-The Shock Of The Real (Plus-Tech Squeeze Box Remix)
9.Naivepop or Petifool-Bicycle Race(Plus-Tech Squeeze Box Remix)
10. Strawberry Machine-Okashina suiyoubi (Plus-Tech Squeeze Box remix)
11. Panda 1/2-中華街ウキウキ通り (Plus-Tech Squeeze Box Remix)
12. Misswonda- Blue, Blue In The World (Plus-Tech Squeeze Box REMIX)



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  1. can't wait to listen to this! been hoping for a new ptsb album lately. have you ever heard 'theme from rock to the future'? really good, it's part of a set archived on the midnight snacks site.... that's the only place I ever saw it mentioned. another rare ptsb track i like is 'roswell's monkeys mix' which i found on youtube. -Ed in WDC USA