Donnerstag, 1. März 2012

Girl's Party

1st of March and we continue our Series of First Class Guestmixes.Our good but very shy Friend Kaku send us one of his splendid Compilations.Sadly he diden't send much Information with it.So you have to trust my Word.This very varied Mix stants under the Theme of Japanese Girl Idol Pop after Shibuya-kei.Who's Spirit you can still hear throughout the 18 Songs but hear for your own.Please show Kaku the Love & Respect that his Work deserves by Commenting.

01.Dear Mr.Socrates / Twinkelstars(sakura gakuen baton club)
02.tameiki,ocarina,hora neko ga warau / Tomato'n Pine
03.kuchizuke kibonnu / denpagumi inc.
04.kare no kei-tora ni notte / ringo musume.
05.sweet doughnut (Version Yukiho) / yukiho hagiwara as azumi asakura
06.koi-iro puzzle / yui ogura
07.taiyou to ekubo / kanako momota(member of momoiro clover z)
08.yume ga kanau youni / yuko ogura
09.raibow forecast / shoko nakagawa
10.Easy Rider (Groove That Soul mix) / kyoko fukada
11.Girl's Party -my friend Jenny- / SUPER™GiRLS
12.kokoro no tamago / Buono! happy days / yuka konan
14.tantei™rhapsody / afilia saga east
15.puppy love!! / yuikaori
16.precog / eri mizutani as kana hanazawa
17.koi no saison / fruits
18.100 MAGIC WORDS / sayuri anzu




  1. If all of you enjoy this compilation, I am glad.
    An artist of Shibuya-kei composes some music.

    01.Dear Mr.Socrates written by Reiji Okii(ex.cymbals)
    03.kuchizuke kibonnu Written by Kaseki cider & Shinya Kogure(ex. Rotten Hats , Hicksville)
    10.Easy Rider Written by Motoaki Fukanuma(PLAGUES , Mellowhead)
    18.100 MAGIC WORDS Written by Hiroyasu Yano(ex. cymbals) + Lyric Written by Asako Toki

    Because English is not proud, I cannot write a long sentence, and, as for me, I'm sorry.
    It uses a translation site to read that I write it.

  2. Thank you very much for coming back with another guestmix for us to enjoy, Kaku! You've definitely firmly established yourself as our resident Go-To Guy for twinkling, energetic, supercute Anime/Idol Group songs :) As ever, there were some exceptionally fine tracks to be found in this mix(I'm a bit smitten with track sixteen myself) and I doubly appreciated you pointing out the Shibuya-kei related artists who composed some of them... The Okii track is probably the only one I would have made the connection to on my own, because it definitely sounds like other songs he's done... "Higher than the sun" meets "空への扉" or something... But it was neat to hear that Kaseki Cider wrote one of the tracks too, because I'm a huge fan of his...! I don't know if I would have recognized that he had a hand in writing "kuchizuke kibonnu" though... And I've never heard of Plagues or Mellowhead, so you gave me two additional names to do some research in to :)

  3. Thank you for giving you Anne, your comment.
    Kana Hanazawa singing track 16 in makes its debut as a singer with personal name in April of this year.
    It is slightly complexed contents, but the conventional music plays anime character as a voice actor and sang, but in the name of an individual often sing in an original voice of oneself.

    Three pieces of Katsutoshi Kitagawa produce song are recorded in the debut single.

    Kana Hanazawa - Hoshizora ☆ destination

    Takeshi Nakatsuka and Satoru Kousaki are planned in the later single.
    Satoru Kousaki is a composer dealing with a lot of animation songs,
    but a person liking Shibuya-kei is one of a composer wanting you to check it by all means.

    Kana-chan sings kimiiro complete and renai circulation.
    I want her to sing the song of such a type with the personal name.

    Karuta Roromiya(Kana Hanazawa) - Sweets Parade

  4. Thank you for the additional information and links, Kaku! Hearing more songs and knowing that Round Table's Kitagawa is producing her first single and that Takeshi Nakatsuka will be working on an upcoming one is going to keep Hanazawa on my radar, for sure! So I'm definitely looking forward to April 25th for that reason~ Thanks again for making me aware of her music through your mixes :)

  5. It is additional information.
    1st single of Ayana Taketatsu which is an extreme popularity young person voice actor is composition by Reiji Okii.

    Ayana Taketatsu - Sinfonia! Sinfonia!!! (Radio on air short ver.)
    This song is going to release it on April 11.

    Though they paid attention to anime song as a music lover, for these past several years, as for me, here these days, anime song became considerably interesting.

    for Percy & anne.
    What would I do if you like though I make the next compilation?
    I know a lot of songs of AKSB, but, as for what made those songs, there are many composers whom I do not know.
    But I do not have the feelings to a composer if a song is good.

  6. Very cool! Thanks for that additional bit of information! "Sinfonia! Sinfonia!" sounds really good, so it's another single I'll have to keep an ear out for... April is shaping up to be a busy month in that regard :)

    Oh, and I wouldn't worry too much about trying to tailor your mixes to fit in with Shibuya-kei through what composers are involved... I think you're doing a fine job with picking music that you like, and whether or not your song selections can be tied directly back to Shibuya-kei through the artists that are composing or producing them doesn't matter as much... It's just a bit of Informational, Connectional Fun, is all, knowing that artists I like went on to compose some of these anime and Idol Group songs :) So if you're going to make us more mixes, which would be fantastic!, I'd keep doing what you've been doing, which is bringing together songs you really like, period :)

    ...But I don't suppose you happen to know of any more anime songs that 宮川弾 may have composed or produced though, do you? He's another artist I'm a huge fan of(he worked with FPM for a time, and co-produced the Cymbals album "Sine"), and found out through your introduction of AKSB that he produced Yuko Yamano's "Beagle":

    So if you're aware of anything else he's had a hand in...

    Also, do you listen to 南波志帆, kaku? She did an anime theme song that was penned by Hiroyasu Yano and Toki Asako, and I bet you'd really like her music in general:

  7. I like Shiho Nanba, too. She is one of the artists who is sibuya-kei. She is blessed with composers. However, I do not think "gomenne,watashi" to be anime song. When a tie-up song is called anime song, all music of this world may become anime song.
    After examining it about work in anime song of Dan Miyakawa, very cool music of dance/soul type was found. The person of composition is roundtable, and an adapter is Dan Miyakawa.
    But I make a secret now:)
    I make AKSB -Dance/Soul- next.
    Because I record it in it, please look forward to.
    However, approval of Percy is necessary for it. I do not seem to have to write DL link in the comment column.