Samstag, 17. März 2012

Kawaii Vol.6

All dressed up with no place to go?Not me!Outside waits a Playground,full of Sights & Sounds,that calls me out to play.The Streets and People bathed in Neon Light and with every step deeper into the Night,i loose touch to Reality.A kind lightness flows through my Body and clears my Mind.I can feel the Groove running in my Veins, it takes over Control.I start floating into the Night.

1.Mansfield-Car Club '69 (Featuring Yokoyama Ken)
3.Fantastic Plastic Machine-Electric Lady Land (Japanese Version)
4.Miniflex-For a lovely bust line
5.Yukari Fresh-Vogue Sadi
6.Finger 5-koi no Dial 6700(Readymade 0524-6700 Mix)
7.Marlon Sea-Disco Del Mar
9.Halfby-Man & Air
10.Comoestas-Tokyo Conga
11.Konishi Yasuharu-The Spellbinder
12.Mari Natsuki-La Marie du Port
13.Sunaga T Experience-Theme from "THE RECORD BUNCH"
14.Manabu Iwamura-In Citta Di India Con Elefante




  1. Grooving on a New York afternoon!
    So many thanks from New York for your wonderful blog.

  2. If we couldn't have the kind of mix I was imagining the First Week of Spring/Seasonal Banner Change should have accompanying it as its soundtrack(my idea of which was Pop is Sheriff mixes scootering back around again, of course :D), this was an Ultra-Fine Substitute, absolutely.. Bright and Colorful Music for what is supposed to be a Bright and Colorful time :) ..I mean, not that most of the World had much of a Winter to suffer through and want to break free from, with the unseasonably warmer temperatures and everything, _but still_. Listening to a mix full of Dynamic and Exceptionally Well Chosen Shibuya-kei tracks would give anyone renewed energy enough to aggressively attack whatever is in front of them, and that's what Spring is about! Revitalization/Rejuvenation. ..Or something! I've had a fine time listening to these songs with windows open and cool breezes drifting in, anyway ♥ ..When I've been well enough to give myself computer time enough _to_ be able to listen, of course. Perhaps my immune system needs its own separate pair of headphones, so it can listen to these sorts of mixes directly and intimately and go on to become energized enough to do the aggressive attacking thing I was just talking about. Against all the germs I come into contact with constantly, you know. The next time I get sick, I'm going to try that out. For Sure.

    Anyway! Another fantastic mix in a series that has been full of Nothing But. You're still fully equipped with the ability to Surprise too, this time with supergood Montparnasse tracks(I mean, not that everything I've heard of his _hasn't_ been good, but "Atlas" was particularly, is all...) and Mansfield that features Crazy Ken :0 I did not know they'd collaborated ever...! Hm! So! Yes! Thank you very much for compiling and sharing this, Percy ♥