Samstag, 25. Februar 2012

The Jazz Fizz Vol.5

Part.5 of the The Jazz Fizz Series is dedicated to the Latineers of Acid Jazz. Artists that paved the Way for the Comeback of Latin Music to Dancefloors around the Globe.From London to Tokyo and back,young Bands and DJ's celebrated their love for Latin Jazz by not only playing/covering the Classic Tunes,they started to update the Sound and create a fresh new urban Version.Snowboy & the Latin Section,here with the ultimate Cover of Anarchy in the UK,showed with their high speed Salsa,that this Music wasen't made for upthight Dance Classes.Gonzalez Suzuki(ex-Tokyo Panorama Mambo Boys),Shuya & Yoshihiro Okino,United Future Organization dusted the cobweb of the Bossa Nova and gave it it's original meaning "New Wawe" back.They and dozens of other Artists started a renaissance that still lives on and leaves it's marks in almost every style of modern Music.Latin Music is here to stay.More in Part.6

1.Pressure Drop-Big Noise
2.Kyoto Jazz Massive Project-Rising Sun
3.Bossa Free-Mas que nada
4.Snowboy & the Latin Section-Anarchy in the UK
5.Masa Collective-Love Is Everywhere (KJM Reconstruction)
6.The Quite Boys-Modal (New Jazz Edit)
7.Soull Bossa Trio-Easy Bounce
8.The Jazz Defectors-Invisible You
9.United Future Organisation-Upa Neguinho (Supa Neg Mix)
10.The Jazz Renegades-Playing for Real
11.DJ Takemura-Harmonium
13.Ulf Sandberg Quartet-Bolivia
14.Tokyo`s Coolest Combo-Moondance

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  1. A very nice facet of Acid Jazz and selection of songs you picked to represent it through this time around, Percy ♥ This mix was kind of like the slightly cooler, more danceable cousin of the Pachinko Air series, with the focus on Latin Elements and everything... And you'd think it would have made for ideal background music, considering that so much of it is Instrumentals, but no, the songs you picked were intriguing enough to stand out at the forefront instead of fading in to audio wallpaper, so doubly good selecting there, for picking out memorable, interesting songs that are attention grabbing without words needed to push them along in that direction. ..And also good selecting with such a radical reworking of "Anarchy in the UK", which I now know is actually listenable in at least one form...! When it's made to sound practically unrecognizable from the original, I imagine. Is when it's best appreciated :D(yes, I hate)

    Keep up the good work, and thank you very much for compiling and continuing to share these thorough and thoughtful explorations into Acid Jazz ♥