Samstag, 11. Februar 2012

Zero Gravity II

It took almost a Year before we could make a return to the Zero Gravity Lounge during technical Problems.Now all Problems are fixed and you can enjoy your Visit to your full satisfaction.Sink into our comfertable Loungescapes,feel your almost weightless Body float.Let your Mind go blank,cut the ropes of Reason and let your Spirit drift to the dreamy Sounds of some Warmtronica.We hope that you find your Time on Board refreshing.Enjoy your Stay.

1.Salyu × Salyu-歌いましょう
2.Organic Stereo-World without us
3.Yuri Miyauchi-Okt_
4.I am robot and proud-The Melt
5.Chari Chari-Remains
6.Towa Tei-Batik
8.Gentle Universe-Tree House Playroom
9.kahimi Karie-Blue Orb
10.Jazztronik-The Night of Tallin
11.Ino Hidefumi-Living Message
12.Silent Poets-I Will Miss This Holy Garden(Dub)
13.Kenji Ozawa-あの川
14.Our Hour-GM
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1 Kommentar:

  1. Huzzah! ♥ ♥ ♥ I cannot believe it's been practically a whole year since we first took our trip to Zero Gravity, but you know, I was thinking, perhaps that's going to be the thing that makes these mixes all the more Special, if the conditions necessary for achieving Zero Gravity only present themselves once a year :D ..But it would be far too painful to bring myself to terms with the idea that I would have to wait all the way until next February to revisit these sounds for the third time, so I'm more hoping these mixes will come along more frequently, now that you've broken through the barrier of Follow-Up and created a second..! So may inspiration come a bit more quickly, since you've put together a completely fulfilling additional installment that nicely built upon the expectations for the first mix and This Whole Series, once I came to understand what it would involve... You've brought together such beautiful, peaceful, twinkling and sparkling pieces of music that included Miyauchi Yuri, hooray! And Kenji Ozawa! Which made me realize that I need to revisit his "Ecology of Everyday Life" album.. I bought a copy of that many years ago when I was first getting in to his music and expected that it was going to be a vocal album like "Life" or something, but it wasn't, and I must not have had the appreciation for the kind of music it included back then like I do today because I probably listened to it twice and then filed it away... Definitely going to have to go back for a reassessment!

    Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful mix, Percy ♥ Thank you so much for compiling and sharing it :)