Freitag, 15. April 2011

Starlight Casino II

Welcome back to another cosmic Night at the Starlight Casino.Everything is prepared for you to spend a sparkeling Evenining besides the dancing Stars.Now pardon me,the Music is moving.Moving from left to right.Apologies for losing my cooling,losing the Day to Night.Come on and follow me into a velvet Ocean of Light & Sound.

1.Nona Reeves-NNR Breakdown(Sunny)
2.Jafrosax-Limit Of The Sky
3.FreeTEMPO-Tombo In 7/4
5.Paris Match-Floor
6.Studio Apartment-Life From The Sun
7.Yukihiro Fukutomi-Got to be happy
8.Playa-Welcome Happiness
9.Kenshu-Kageroh (feat. Benu, K-Now)
10.Kyoto Jazz Massive-Substream
11.Tensi Love-My Time(Fusion Jazz ver.)
12.Jazzida Grande-Riding In Word feat.Mika Arisaka
13.Izanami-Nite Flyte [Anthony Nicholson's Flyte Tyme Remix]
14.Paris Match-17

Deleted due Copyright Complains



  1. Ah ha, so it's back again to the Dance Floor this week ♥ ..Then again, I don't think you're ever too far away from a Dance Floor when you're at Pachinko Overdrive.. But I am particularly susceptible to falling for this very specific type of beckoning to that setting, so this mix hit all the right notes for me.. It has such an.. expansive enjoyability about it.. Effervescent, and easy to loose yourself in and with, because I must confess I was a little surprised when the afternoon zipped by and I realized I had spent it listening to almost nothing but This. ..I think it's because you manage to sneak in songs of six-seven-eight+ minute lengths that I never notice or appreciate are as long as they are until a whole half hour has been spent listening to each several times. ..Not that I'm complaining. I'm merely pointing out. That it's easy to spend a whole afternoon under their exclusive influence when their goodness is stretched out several more minutes further than the songs I usually listen to are. Which they _are_. Good, I mean. Really liked "Kageroh", and "Tombo in 7/4", which wasn't exactly one of the longer-ish songs but was one I spent an awful lot of time with all the same.. And continued Jafrosax involvement! And Paris Match ♥ Always Paris Match ♥ I shall never assume I've heard all the Good Songs there are to hear from that band, because they've appeared as part of quite a few of your mixes and you're still able to pull What-are-New-to-Me tracks of theirs for inclusion that always are ♥ So, so good ♥ ♥

    ..And I've got more feelings, but no words with which to express them, so please let the honest to goodness fact I have invested so much time with listening to this mix serve as testament enough to how much I like it, rather than my fumbling attempts to tell you exactly that(oh, and the fact I am using an abundance of heart emoticons to dot my sentences with. this is very telling as well ♥) Really, thank you so much for compiling and sharing this mix, Percy ♥ ♥ ♥ It made me... extraordinarily happy to listen to, every single time I did. ..Which has been three, so far. ..I think? I can count about as well as I can express myself in words today, seriously :\ Which is to say Not Well At All. You have my apologies, because this mix deserves so much more praise than I can possibly manage to heap upon it...! But the thought is there, really. ..And the heart emoticons. Lots of heart emoticons ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

  2. This is a nice, varied mix. I'm familiar enough with many of these artists' works, but I don't know Izanami nor Jazzida Grande, so it should be an educational listen as well. Thanks again.