Donnerstag, 7. April 2011

Percy 500:Casino Royal

Welcome to the Final Lab of the Percy 500.In our last Stage we take a high octane Race throughout the Mad World of Soundtracks.On Disc.1 we dive into the of World of Crime & Suspense.Wild Car chases & heinous Hideouts.Smoke filled Bars with Shady Crooks and lascivious Ladys that ooze Trouble and promise Explosive Mixture.
Disc.2 will end our Rallye through the Sixties with a groovy Penthouse Party.A cool Bachelor Pad will welcome all that know where it's at.Hip Cats & elegant Swingers will dance the Night away.Grap yourself a Drink and join the In-Crowd.It is such a good Night,tonight.Hope you enjoyed our Trip.Percy

1.Peter Thomas Sound Orchestra-Der Hexer/2.Keitaro Miho-Fight or Fright/3.Riz Ortolani- Beat Fuga Shake/4.Gerd Wilden & Orchester-I told you not to cry/5.Barry Gray Orchestra-Theme from Stingray/6.Berry Lipmann-Beat in Steel/7.John Barry-007/8.Nancy Sinatra-The Last Of The Secret Agents/9.Martin Böttcher-Sonderdezernat K1/10.Akiko Wada-Otoko To Onna No Rock/11.Johnny Dankworth-Modesty Blaise (Main theme)/12.Toshiro Mayuzumi-Mission Proposal/13.Lalo Schifrin-The Man from T.R.U.S.H. /14.Tony Christie-Avenue & Alleyways/15.Geoff Love & His Orchestra-Theme From UFO/ 16.Manfred Hübler & Siggi Schwarz-We don't care/17.The Walker Brothers-Deadlier Than The Male/18.Roy Budd-Get Carter/19.Lesiman-Moto Centripeto/20.Mayuzumi Toshiro-Glamorous Love

1.Henry Mancini-The Party/2.Katsuhisa Hattori-Visage du Magie/3.The Charlie Steinmann Orchestra-It Is Such A Good Night/4.Piero Piccioni-Mr. Dante Fontana/ 5.Francis Lai-Le Thème d`Oliver/6.The Glitterhouse-An Angel is Love/7.The Spiders- Mera Mera/8.Ramon Bouchè-Jet Generation/9.Gery Hayes-Go-Go Girl/10.Jaguars-Beat Train/11.Gerd Wilden & Orchester-Girl Faces/12.Roy Budd-Getting Nowhere/13.Jill O'Hara-Knowing When To Leave/14.Frank Schöbel-Heisser Sommer/15.Armando Trovajoli- Let's Find Out/16.Ann-Margret-The Swinger/17.Franco De Gemini-Cheops And Nefertiti/ 18.Tommy Boyce & Bobby Hart-The Ambushers/19.Piero Umiliani-Mah Na' Mah Na'/20.Enoch Light-My favorite things

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  1. This mix looks to be action-packed! Thanks again Percy.

    I've got something new coming your way this week.

  2. Ok, I dig 'Geoff Love & His Orchestra - Theme From UFO' and 'Martin Böttcher - Sonderdezernat K1.' I've never heard of either one of them (nor much of the other stuff) but they have a nice sound. The psychadelic-driven 60's sounds aren't usually my cup of tea; my thing is more 70's jazz/fusion. Different strokes for different folks.

    Nevertheless, it's an eclectic mix well worth the DL.

  3. Seconded! I like the sound of Mike's use of the words "action-packed!", so I'll start by piggybacking on that description :D Because it certainly was.. I liked that this was divided in to two distinct parts, with the first being like the thrilling and slightly dangerous trip to, and the second being the triumphant arrival at the End Destination of the Penthouse Bash~ The mixes in this series when put together sound like an Extended Worldwide Party, of course, but this one not only followed along with that general feeling but also brought the whole thing to an end with an exclamation point instead of a period, and like I've said before, that is the single best way to end anything. Emphatically! Energetically! Jauntily :D ..That is the one word that kept popping in to my head as I listened to these songs, you know. "Jaunty". This really was a very Smart sounding mix :) Something you instinctively want to be part of~ ..Which is the Single Most Important Lesson I have learned from The Percy 500, actually. That the sixties really weren't _so bad_, and there were scenes and music styles that wouldn't have been, like.. completely intolerable to have been part of and listen to, and are capable of being enjoyed today. So I am really am going to keep these things in mind, and _not_ be such a hater. Or I'm going to try _my very very best_, for the sake of the good times I've had listening to these mixes :) ..The gloves are still off when it comes to the latter half of the sixties though, and one particular area of it. I simply cannot be made to pull my punches about that, I'm sorry :\ But you've had some success, so.. Be proud you impacted at least one person's viewpoints :)

    So, thanks for compiling and sharing this, Percy! It's been a Wonderful Time, really ♥

  4. PERCY is fab!..thanks , a lot of care went into the playlist,exceptional.I often wonder why the cool and sleekness of the 60's look went by so quickly and then replaced by the strange and inexplicable 70's.This mix is right up my lounge,Avengers alley,thanks