Freitag, 22. April 2011

Adventures in Stereo Vol.1

Every good Sheriff needs a Deputy to watch his back and that is what Adventures in Stereo is for.While Pop is Sheriff focuses on Guitar Pop from Asia,Adventures in Stereo obseserves the rest of Globe.The 1st Volume features Artists & Bands that accompanied me throughout the last 12 Month.We start of with some residents of Troublemaker Street.The always great Helen Love with her Ode to Indie Pop,the Art Collective Los Campesinos and the underachieved Kate Nash.Check out her great last Album.From Scandinavia,we have the entchanting Girls of Those Dancing Days,the always great Club 8 ,Sambassadeur(my record of 2010) & the mighty Acid House Kings (best Record this Year so far).North America Representatives are Critics Darlings The Drums,Vampire Weekend & MGMT.Australia send the wonderful Brunettes.Hope you enjoy the Selection.Percy

1.Helen Love-I Love Indiepop
3.Los Campesinos-Romance is boring
4.Kate Nash-Take Me To A Higher Plane
5.Those Dancing Days-I'll be yours
6.Lucky Soul-White Russian Doll
7.Club 8-Isn't That Great?
8.Vampire Weekend-Holiday
9.The Brunettes-In Colour
10.The Drums-Book Of Stories
11.The Postmarks-Go Jetsetter
12.Acid House Kings-Windshield
14.MGMT-Brian Eno

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  1. Thanks again Percy. I'll have the new mix sent sometime before May.

  2. An Extra-Fine collection of Songs the Deputy of Pop has rounded up for special distinction for this mix ♥ It was nice to see some familiar faces(like Miss Helen Love.. although I do believe she's at her very best when she's singing about Debbie Harry and Joey Ramone..! ..or, ah, two people who are assuming the roles of Debbie and Joey, anyway. but this is extreme partiality toward the subject matter speaking here though, so don't mind me~ which goes double for "Brian Eno", because how can you _not_ like a song called "Brian Eno". it becomes Insanely Cool by association, absolutely. ..and the fact MGMT managed to drop the entirety of Brian Eno's actual full name at one point in the song, "Brian Peter George St. John le Baptiste de la Salle Eno".. which kind of makes me feel awfully dull by comparison, only having _one_ middle name. ah... but yeah! and Those Dancing Days! I'd enjoyed the other song of theirs I'd heard courtesy of your mixes, but "I'll be yours" is, like.. absurdly, ridiculously hundreds and hundreds of times better. it's been stuck in my head on a loop since first hearing it, as a matter of fact, which the hallmark of all the Best songs, you know. ..or the extremely annoying ones. but no, it more indicates Best in this case. so good! ♥ ♥ oh! and "Go Jetsetter" was even better than The Postmarks' last entry on one of your mixes as well.. all lilting dreaminess and delicious harmonies ♥ Terrific~) combined with those I was unfamiliar with but came to like an awful lot.. Club 8's "Isn't that great?", for example, which was Summery and Sweet~ I'm torn over which individual song I liked best, but that one would be in a Three-Way Tie for Most Favorite if I were forced to choose, for sure. You really do have an exceptionally refined ear for the Particularly Potent Pop Tune, Percy, even if you _do_ consider Vampire Weekend songs as being part of that :\ ...I'm teasing! Only teasing! Seriously, that is exactly why I expect so much from these Pop based mixes and practically demand to hear them on a frequent basis, and mourn intensely when they're absent.. It's because it's Guaranteed that I'll find things that are both delectable and obsession worthy ♥ And I truly always do~

    So! Thank you very much for compiling and sharing this ♥ ♥ ♥ ...Yep, it's another week of letting Heart Emoticons do the majority of the talking for me :D And why not, when they do such a good job of it~