Sonntag, 27. Februar 2011

Zero Gravity I

Welcome back on Board of the ISS Mirrorball.Today we see the official opening of the Zero Gravity Lounge.A Place that is decicated to Relaxation & Recreation.A low Gravity Area that shall help you to recover from a long day of traveling throughout Space.Caressing electronic Sounds & an organic soothing Inviroment that shall help you to switch off your mind & float away.Sit back,Relax & close your Eyes.

1.I Am Robot and Proud-The Work
3.Towa Tei-All
4.Hajime Yoshizawa-The Womb
5.Kahimi Karie-Making our World
6.Yoshinori Sunahara-Subliminal
7.Cornelius-Beep it
8.Dedication-Pito Deep
9.Haruki Matsuo-Spy vs. Spy
10.Kaoru Inoue-Esc
11.Kentaro Iwaki-Kinuta
12.Sketch Show-Wonderful to Me
13.800 Cherries-Hoshi Wa Kagayaku (Aki Wa Nazomeku)
14.Lullatone-Floating Away

Deleted due Copyright ComplainsENJOY!!!

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  1. Oh, this mix ♥ ♥ ♥ Even going from multiple descriptions of the type of music it would embody, what came streaming in to my ears as the first song started was a completely unexpected, wonderful surprise.. I happen to _love_ this type of music.. glitchy, downtempo electronica.. but am entirely reliant on recommendations for new types of it since I am completely clueless about what is "good".. I don't get nearly enough of them passed on to me though(recommendations, I mean..), so all the mixes that will go on to make up the entirety of this Series will be like One Extended Recommendation, for sure~ Already I've found things to fixate on(I am Robot and Proud for one.. I've never heard anything he's done outside of remix work for other artists, so he's the Very Best discovery this mix brought forth, for me.. that Girls Tape Store track is wonderful too.. I have heard quite a few songs of theirs, and one mini album, but somehow missed the release "Walk" appears on, so it was new to me..! so it was another highlight.. and "Subliminal", and Lullatone.. I've heard so much about that group, but never bothered checking them out, really.. am thinking I should reconsider that position..!).. And most surprising of all, I do believe Starlight Casino has now been given a run for its money, as to which series I am most eager to hear additional installments of. I didn't think anything could/would beat out Disco themed mixes, but I was definitely mistaken..! It's good the ISS Mirrorball is only a hypothetical place, then.. I'd have no idea where I'd more want to spend my time, if I could Actually go there ;_; I'd have to will myself in to developing the Superpower of making copies, so I could be everywhere at once or something :D

    Outstandingly Superb mix, executed to Perfection ♥ You got that feeling of Relaxing Weightlessness clearly communicated with your selections, so I really cannot imagine it getting better than This. But if you make a corresponding mix to every single cover you created for this series, I'll have fifteen more mixes to show me exactly how it can ・◡・ ..Get better, I mean. So you better get cracking, Percy :D Last I heard, this was the One and Only Zero Gravity mix you'd finished, so..! You've got an Empire waiting to be built upon..!

    Thank you very much for compiling and sharing this ・◡・ I can't even begin to tell you how happy hearing this very particular kind of mix made me~ ..Or, no, actually, I suppose I _did_ begin telling you, and that is what everything written above could be taken as. Oh...!