Samstag, 12. Februar 2011

Shibuya Soul 4

An unfamiliar Face in the Crowd that lifts you from the endless Stream of People.An well known Sound that unexpectedly comforts you in an unknown Surrounding.Snapshots of everyday Life that give the feeling of Grace & Beauty in the smallest and most trivial Moments.It's good to just be.

1.Jafrosax-Just Like A Tiger's Eye
2.Asako Toki-君に胸キュン
3.Crazy Ken Band-Girlfriend
4.Osaka Monaurail-We sing Soul
6.Paris Match-Ensemble
7.Towa Tei-Private Eyes
8.Syoul-My Weekend
9.Indigo Jam Unit & Flexlife-It's a Shame
10.Monday Michiru-Delicious Poison
11.FreeTEMPO-時代 feat. 畠山美由紀
12.Clazziquai Project-I Will Give You Everything
13.Carneiro-Ship Of Love
14.Cro-Magnon-Windy Lady Feat. Yu Sakai

Deleted due Copyright Complains



  1. I Absolutely love this website!
    Pachinko Overdrive rocks!
    Thanks for this

    I also like the texts ;)

  2. ..How is it I've failed to comment on this post directly yet..? I suppose when considering all the other places I've mentioned this mix, I figured I must have said something about it here too.. But I haven't! T_T Correcting that now, then, by saying: Thank you very much for compiling and sharing this, Percy ・◡・ The unerring High Quality continues to be the Best asset this series has, and this mix is no exception to that ♥ ♥ Long Live Shibuya Soul!