Samstag, 19. März 2011

The Jazz Fizz Vol.2

Welcome back to part.2 of the Jazz Fizz.In no Time the Virus spread around the Globe.Artists & Labels appeared out of nowhere.Eddie Piller & Giles Peterson founded Acid Jazz Records,which included Bands such as the James Taylor Quartet, Corduroy, the Brand New Heavies and Galliano.Peterson also founded the Label Talkin' Loud,that become the bridgehead for japanese Artists by releasing Records of United Future Organization's Label Brownswood Records in Europe.MO' WAX released DJ Krush & DJ Takemura aka Nobukazu Takemura & El-Malo.In Japan,Labels like Bellissima Records and Toy's Factory became Homebase for Groups such as Silent Poets,Cosa Nostra,Natural Calamity & Nobukazu Takemura.Mondo Grosso,Soul Bossa Trio & Tokyo's Coolest Combo reached Europe via Berlin's 99 Records/Bomba Recordings.More in part.3.

1.Bossa Free-Rise me up
2.Jazz Renegades-Even Stevens
3.Spiritual Vibes-Midori No Umi
4.Rad-Homegirls Cha Cha Network
5.Snowboy and the Latin Section-A Night In Tunisia
6.United Future Organisation-Moondance(chant)
7.Quiet Boys-Bosh Tres Bien
8.A Man Called Adam-Love Me To Death
9.The New Jersey Kings-The Latin One
10.Secret Vibes-Voice of moon
11.Haryou-Latin Jam
12.Nobukazu Takemura-ELM
13.Bahia Sunets-Somewhere not here
14.Ulf Sandberg Quartet-Samba for Someone

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  1. Yet another excellent offering. Thanks!

  2. Exquisite ♥ ♥ ♥ This Second Classroom Exercise has taught me the very important Lesson of the fact that you sometimes pick individual songs that are _so good_ that I could basically listen to them on repeat fourteen times over to replicate what would be a "complete" proper mix by numerical standards and be almost _just_ as satisfied doing this as I would listening to the other thirteen tracks making up the actual mix too :D ..But not entirely, of course, because that would stunt the process/progress? of being exposed to new music significantly, not to mention being grossly unfair, ignoring the other tracks in deference to spending exclusive time with just One. Still though. With "midori no umi". I was _tempted_. And did listen to it a lot anyway. Superfine song ♥ Also really liked UFO's take on "Moon Dance" and the Nobukazu Takemura track too... And you know, seeing Natural Calamity referenced in this context may be just the thing to get me to finally check out his music...! ..Which his collaboration with Towa Tei on their lovely cover of Hosono's "Honey Moon" did not quite manage to do. Again, a Testament to Percy's Magical and Highly Influential Powers...! ..Did you already hear that Natural Calamity and Towa Tei are going to be collaborating again though, on Towa Tei's new album which comes out the twentieth of next month? _So_ looking forward to it..

    Anyhow! Great mix! Thank you for compiling and sharing it, and, again, furthering my education about these types of things in such an enjoyable way ♥