Donnerstag, 30. Dezember 2010

Your Disco needs you one last Time!

This the is the last post of the Year.Boy what a Year it was.What could be more suitable to wave it Goodbye than the final part of the popular Your Disco Series.14 Tunes that shall escort through a Nite of Laughter,Dance & Fireworks.Party the Night away under an sparkeling illuminated Sky. Surrounded by fine Souls with wich we furiosly will welcome the New Year.A Superfine 2011 to all of you.Percy
P.S.The Disco Series will return soon in a NEW FORM.Keep watching the Sky.

1.Clazziquai Project-Stepping Out
3.Shiho Fujisawa-Colorful na kimochi feat. Shōno Juli
4.Jazzin' Park-Prism
5.Metro Trip-Baby,Baby
6.Katamari Soul Trains-Katamari on the Funk
7.Lamp-Aoi Kaigansen Kara
8.Crue-l Grand Orchestra-Spend the day without you
9.Fantastic Plastic Machine-Love Is Psychedelic (Full Spoken Mix)
10.Jazztronik feat.Miss Vehna-Love Tribe (Main Mix)
11.Clazziquai Project-Futuristic
12.Humming Urban Stereo-Sugarparty Flow
13.ELEKTEL-Midnight Samba(Sonic balloonmix)
14.45 aka Swing-O-Underground Superstar ft. Yu Sakai

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Freitag, 24. Dezember 2010

Percy 500:The In-Kraut

Fröhliche Weihnachten.Stage 3 of the Percy 500 is a winterly Ralley throughout Germany.East & West.This is more than just a ragbag of couriosities.Even if there are some Nuggets of Weirdness.Like the Cover of Black Sabbath's Paranoid by the ultra cheesy Schlager Duo Cindy & Bert.They completly changed the Lyrics to a summary of the Sherlock Holmes Novel"The Hound of the Baskervilles".Very Strange but ultra groovy.Other Covers are a Witchita Lineman version by Thomas Fritsch or 24 hours to Tulsa by Marion Maerz.There are also a few Songs from the "DDR",the socialist part of Germany.Maybe you find out which ones are.Please,let me know what you think.You will also find out where i stole my Name from. In the meantime enjoy this Selection that shall prove that Germany has more to offer than just Humpta Music and fruity Schlager.Join the IN-Kraut and groove around the Weihnachtsbaum.
Viel Spaß.Euer Percy

1.Theo Schumann Combo-Glück und Musik/2.Georgees-Butterflies Never Cry/3.Team 4-Ich zeig den Weg/4.Manfred Ludwig Septett-Morgen/5.Helmut Brandenburg-Comin' Up/6. Hildegard Knef-From here on it got rough/7.Heidi Brühl-Berlin/8.Gene Williams-My Soul Is Black/9.Adam & Eve-The Witch/10.Thomas Lück-Kosmos/11.Tommy Haggard Orchestra-Pealed Tomato/12.Hazy Osterwald Jet Set-Swinging London/13.Ambros Seelos-Swingle Beat/14.The German Top Five-The Champ/15.Katja Ebstein-A Hard Day's Night/16.
Ulli Roever-Heisser Sand auf Sylt/17.Thomas Fritsch-Der Draht In Der Sonne/18.Horst Jankowski-Der Mann Den's Nicht Gibt/19.Greetje Kauffeld-Der Mann von Welt/20.Horst Krüger Sextett-Die Allee

1.Cindy und Bert-Der Hund von Baskerville/2.Kai Rautenberg-Moon Mission/3.Sherman Space-Count Down/4.Vivi Bach & Dietmar Schönherr-Molotow Cocktail Party/5.Peter Thomas-Multi-Kolored Mini-Skirts/6.Hazy Osterwald Sextet-The Call/7.Max Meier-Maletz-Swinging Nordwest/8.Caterina Valente-Fascinating Rythm/9.Horst Jankowski-The Blues,The Beat & All That/10.Hartmut Kiesewetter-Fly With Me/11.Claus Wilke & Siegfried Franz-Percy Stuart/12.Charlie Steinmann-Born In Spring/13.Dresden Sextett-An einem Tag im September/14.Theo Schumann Combo-Freier Sonnabend/15.Marion Maerz-Das Ende der Reise/16.Gunter Kallmann Choir-It`s getting Better/17.Wolfgang Hartmeyer-Every Day/18.Peter Thomas-Vergiss mich, wenn Du kannst feat.Senta Berger/ 19.Max Greger-Big Train/20.Orchester Addy Flor-Dieses Jahr

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Samstag, 18. Dezember 2010

Shibuya Soul 3

Snowflakes are dancing in the cold Air.Open your Umbrella and slip under the comforting cover of smooth Shibuya Soul.14 Songs to keep you warm and guide you safe & sound throughout the snowy White.Have a soulful Holiday Time.

1.Cosa Nostra-Share Your Love (Album Version)
2.Crazy Ken Band-Brand New Honda
3.Mondo Grosso-Everyday Life
5.Nona Reeves-Prismatic Lady
6.Paris Match-Lady`s Jam
7.45 aka Swing-O-The Dawn Feat. Ryan Shaw
8.Izanami-Remind Me
9.Jazzin' Park-Summer Love
10.FreeTEMPO-Breezin' feat. 堀込泰行
11.土岐 麻子-September
12.Jazztronik feat.Miki Imai-Under The Moonlinght
13.Cro-Magnon-Time Flies Feat. Steve Spacek
14.Hajime Yoshizawa-I'm Not In Love

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Samstag, 11. Dezember 2010

More People like us

Here they are More People like us.Another 20 sundrenched Tunes that even make the hardest cold feel warm.Dive deep into Ocean of euphony.Surrounded by Flutes,Strings, Harp's & Vocal Harmonies at melt the coldest Heart.Songs full of naive joy of being young and the melancholy knowledge of the lurking Adulthood.Join Free Design,The Gentle Soul,The Bells and the others on their Quest for Harmony & more gentle way of dealing with each other.It's good to be arround.

1.Free Design-Kites are Fun/2.Lee Mallory-Take My Hand/3.Pat Shannon-Candy Apple Cotton Candy/4.Alan Copeland Singers-You're More Fun/5.The Peppermint Rainbow-Will You Be Staying After Sunday/6.Orpheus-I'll Fly/7.The Association-Come On In/8.The Byrds-My Back Pages/9.The Fun & Games-Topanga Canyon Raod/10.Jackie & Roy-Didn't Want To Have It To You/11.Other Voices-Hung Up On Love/12.The Monkees-Someday Man/13.Uncle Sound-Beverly Hills/14.Doc Severinson-Summer's Coming Back/15.The Street Corner Society-Summer Days, Summer Nights/16.The Bells-Manitowa Morning/ 17.The Collage-Rainy Blue Memory Day/18.The American Breed-To Put Up With You/19.The Gentle Soul-See My Love (Song For Greg)/20-Simon & Garfunkel-Hazy Shade of Winter

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Sonntag, 5. Dezember 2010

Kawaii !!!

Another Evening at Home as all of a sudden the Phone rang.I picked up the handset and a Voice at the other end of the Line says:Tonight,Party down in Shibuya.All i could say before it was hang up was:KAWAII.So i jumped in some fancy Cloth & head down to Shibuya.As i arrived all the Hipsters & Groovers were alrady in full swing.Oh Boy what Party.

1.Pierre & Cardin-Stoned Soul Picnic
2.Yuzo Hayashi & Salon '68-Oh 'stupid No.9
3.Nakatsuka Takeshi-Cafe Bleu
4.Mieko Hirota-Kodomo Janai(yè yè mix)
5.Hi-Tech Mates-Twiggy Twiggy
6.COMOESTA YAEGASHI-Exotica Jazz Tracks
7.Mihomihomakoto-I want to be loved (japanese version)
8.Clazziquai Project-Play Girl
9.Suitcase Rhodes-Laisse tomber les fillese
10.Riez!-Cosmetic Pinup Girl
11.Phase 6-Saint-Tropez Bossa
12.The Hair-Seen from Rome, died.
13.Satoru Wono feat. Lisa-Aventure
14.Kinoco Hotel-Kaerazaru umi